We believe that company culture doesn’t begin or end anywhere. Instead, it’s everywhere. From day one and beyond. In every branch of every franchise. Leadership. Management. Staff. Customers. It all works together to form your company’s core. Our leadership team approaches business differently. Each employee brings unique strengths and perspectives to the organization, and together we’ve built something truly incredible.

Keir Cochran

is a devoted leader and spiritual guide. He brings meditation, spirituality, metaphysics and shamanic healing to everyone and everything he encounters, leaving the world a little brighter, a little calmer, and certainly more in tune with the best path forward toward success. Keir’s list of courses taken, certificates and accolades in multiple domains of spiritual growth and guidance is extensive, and he puts everything he’s learned to work for his team, his clients and the people he serves.

Franny Giangrasso

joined Empowering Awesomeness with a passion for health, wellness, fitness and spirituality, and taps her skills to keep the organization running smoothly. As our Director of Operations, Franny is the queen of all things culture. She began her awesome journey as a manager of a European Wax Center in New York, but her ambition for her team, her store and herself didn’t stop there. Today she curates the Empowering Awesomeness brand and company culture by coaching, leading and helping our entire team grow into their best possible selves.

Marilyn Durick

has been working with the organization for 21 years. Prior to that, she was employed in the medical/specialty hospital field working as nurse, counselor, Risk Manager and Program Director. This wide array of experience was a perfect backdrop to working with Empowering Awesomeness with its diverse interests. She has held positions from property manager to HR Director. She has been known to change her title at will depending on the function she is holding at the time. While her official title is Director of Safety and Compliance, she describes her role as Maestro of the Aggregate.

What you have to give, the world needs.”

Aditi Shah

Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

Dalai Lama

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

Stephen R. Covey

Be obsessed with your potential.”


What lies behind us and what lies before use are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

You can’t give your life more time so give the time you have left more time. When you realize nothing is lacing the whole world belongs to you”

Lao Tzu

Obstacles don’t block the path they are the path”

Zen Proverb

Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be”

Eckhart Tolle

"I AM a perfect spiritual being having transitory fallible human experiences"

"I AM strong and independent"

"I Am in charge of my own life"

"I Am healthy and happy"

"I Am fearless"

"I Am enough"

"I Am beautiful, confident and strong"