Awesomeness is a family of brands that stand out like beacons, enriching lives and building stronger communities together. And the people who work for us? They’re awesome down to the core. You’re here on this website for a reason. We invite you to explore our brands – we’re positive you’ll find elements that speak to you.


We believe strong bodies and minds are created through the power of ride, rep, revive.

There are ultimately three components to fitness: cardio, strength, and flexibility. SPENGA is the first studio to put equal focus on all three components in one 60-minute workout through a combination of spin, strength and yoga. Our members love SPENGA’s 20-20-20 format and the fact that once they complete a segment, they are on to the next one. This allows them to push harder and avoid the burnout of having to return to each section for multiple intervals.

We invested in SPENGA because not only does it offer a one-of-a-kind fitness experience, but it also holds great potential to elevate standards for trainers, offering benefits, programs and opportunities that have never been offered before.



Monstrous ice cream sandwiches that have won the hearts of locals and drawn accolades from Forbes, Eater, Thrillist, and more.

Original-recipe ice cream sits at the heart of each custom ice cream sandwich, which is held together by fresh-baked cookies and brownies. The Baked Bear has over a dozen original-recipe cookies and ice cream flavors, giving guests a chance to mix and match to find their favorite combination. Before they’re served, the sandwiches can be rolled through toppings ranging from Fruity Pebbles to Oreo crumble, giving them an Instagram-worthy touch.

How could we not invest in a small, unique shop that always has a line out the door? We’re proud to have purchased one of The Baked Bear’s first licenses. We’re excited to venture into the food segment and help raise the standards for food industry workers.



How powerful are perfectly-sculpted brows? Or glowing, vibrant skin? European Wax Center specialists are trained help clients maintain beautiful, healthy skin that radiates both outward and inward, revealing the true beauty held within. Brow, Brazilian, body, face. Our specialists are experts from head to toe, with services that go beyond customization. We make you more comfortable, take up less time, keep you safe, and offer longer-lasting results.

We’re very excited about our investment in European Wax Centers. The company blends a one-of-a-kind wax, intellectual property, high-quality products, and a passion for helping others feel more confident and beautiful, inside and out.



We are changing the face of the fencing industry with a focus on first-class customer service, professionalism, quality fence products, and a superior installation process. We have the largest selection of vinyl, wood, and aluminum fencing all with exceptional warranty coverage. Each day more than 250 installation crews leave our facilities to install beautiful, high quality fences for our customers.


At the heart of Awesomeness is the calling to make a difference.

Freedom Warriors is our nonprofit arm. This organization upholds the perseverance, strength, and courage to stop human trafficking and help survivors live beautiful, free lives. Freedom Warriors is a positive disruption to human trafficking in the US. We envision a world where children, women and marginalized populations don’t have to live in fear, where those rescued are nurtured along a path toward healing. Freedom Warriors donates funds to outstanding organizations working to end trafficking, facilitate rescues, or provide safe spaces for rehabilitation.


Becoming part of Awesomeness is more than a career. It’s your next step toward becoming your best possible self. Continue your transformation with us.

What you have to give, the world needs.”

Aditi Shah

Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

Dalai Lama

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

Stephen R. Covey

Be obsessed with your potential.”


What lies behind us and what lies before use are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

You can’t give your life more time so give the time you have left more time. When you realize nothing is lacing the whole world belongs to you”

Lao Tzu

Obstacles don’t block the path they are the path”

Zen Proverb

Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be”

Eckhart Tolle

"I AM a perfect spiritual being having transitory fallible human experiences"

"I AM strong and independent"

"I Am in charge of my own life"

"I Am healthy and happy"

"I Am fearless"

"I Am enough"

"I Am beautiful, confident and strong"